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About Us

Hello there, 

I am Kristeigh, the face behind the Brand! I am a mom of five, married to my favorite person, and forever best-friend. My husband Paul and I are raising our family in this wonderful area, educating our kids in the Catholic School system at Saint Thomas More, and the public school system in French Immersion at Myrtle Place Elementary.

I have always loved a good get together, and thanks to the many role models throughout my life that I can attribute my love of entertaining too, I have so many memories of getting together and parties etched in my mind.  Growing up in the South I believe gathering is more than just a word, and food in Louisiana is a common bond that has always brought people together. If you need further clarity on this- please visit our local University of Louisiana Stadium grounds on game day, or visit LSU Tiger stadium the week before a game ... whether it be home or away... Gumbos will be cooking, Jambalaya and Etouffee will be in many black pots and strangers will always become friends. The culture is synonymous with food. 

I hope to inspire you to Gather more often with the people you love. To feed friendships regularly with shared experiences and so much laughter. To create lasting partnerships and memories through the many moments that you will bring Nosh along with you!

My hope is that Nosh - boxes, platters, and tables will provide an intimate backdrop for some of the most connected times of your lives. 

Thank you for letting me serve you. Building a brand and business, especially a successful one, requires a commitment from loyal customers and a great relationship from which we can grow!

We are grateful that you have welcomed this business into your community and your lives.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your memories. 

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